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Are your castles suitable for indoor and outdoor hires?

Answer: Yes our castles can be used for indoors in the likes of halls as long as they have the right ceiling height and walls width. For outdoor use only on grass as the castle has to be anchored down no matter what!


Can you support corporate events?

Answer; Yes we support all types of events including corporate events, our strategy and goal is to make sure "Adults become children and children never los e their imagination"


How much is the deposit?

Answer: We require a £20 deposit to secure your booking and until that is paid the booking slot will still be available as we don't want to let customers down who really want to use out services. if a booking is made within 2 weeks until the event then you have 7 days to cancel, bookings that are more in advance you will have a 14 day period.


Why does bookings get cancelled?

Answer; Because your safety is our priority! Here at Bounce Brothers we never want a customer down, but when the weather gets tough we don't try and take it on. We will reschedule the booking but make sure we check the weather right up to the last moment to make sure we can still commit to your party.  But once again it is the law and you being safe is more important than an inflatable.


What do I need to do as a customer once I have booked?

Answer:Absolutely nothing, we will keep you updated and informed, all we ask from you is that you make sure you keep us informed if anything changes.


What is the age range for the castle?

Answer: We recommend ages up to 8 for our castle but we have to make sure the child is smaller  than our castle walls which is 1.5 meters. 


Hire agreements what are they?

Answer:This is a contract between Bounce Brothers and you, we will make sure we go through it with you and we will take you through the whole set up of the party to make sure you are happy with it.

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